Celebrate the beautiful human being – You

Empowering Quote for today:

“That reflection in the mirror is YOU. I encourage you to love her, flaws & all!
Be kind to her, take care of her, see the best in her, and celebrate with her”
Stephanie Lahart

Hello my lovely, I hope you are ok?
What do you think about this Quote? Does it resonate with you? How do you care about yourself? Are you paying enough attention to what your body is saying to you?

We tend to forget about what it means the most- ourselves. We are living in this hectic world, where everything needs to be done yesterday.
We have jobs around the house; we have children to look after, have partners or friends we want to spend time with… but what about “me time”?
How many times you find yourself saying- I haven’t got time for this…? If it’s a lot, you, my dear, definitely need to make some changes; otherwise, you will burn yourself out.

After a hectic day, I love reading in my bath, nothing more relaxing than a hot bath, bath bombs or bath salts, a good self-healing book & quietness. It helps me realign & find my inner peace.

At Mrs Peony, you will find plenty of relaxing products.
I always make sure we stock bath bombs, bath salts, flower soaps, plenty of nurturing books, eye pillows, eye masks, incense sticks, wax melts, candles & anything else that could help towards our wellbeing. We need to start taking care of ourselves & celebrate the beautiful human beings we are.

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