Dos and Don’ts for Your Perfect Wedding Day Seating Plan

You’ve finalised your guest list, booked the venue, sent out your save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Now it is time to think about some of the most important on-the-day planning – the wedding day seating plan for your guests.

Fitting all of your wedding guests into a seating arrangement can be a stressful endeavour. With a little consideration and some hard and fast rules we can simplify the process for you.

Ready to Get Your Wedding Day Seating Plan Under Control?

Here are the top dos and don’ts for wedding table planning:

Do find out how many tables you will have on the big day. Ensure that you know how many guests can be seated at one table before you begin to plan.

Do involve the groom in the wedding day seating plan, he may have insider information about who should and should not be seated together!

Don’t forget about your most important couple, yourselves! You would be amazed at how many people forget to save seats for the bride and groom, start with yourselves and go on from there.

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Don’t split up couples, most guests will prefer to sit with their partner.

Do try to put a couple of people who know each other on the same table, they will be able to keep the conversation flowing.

Don’t forget about the top table, you may want to stick with tradition and seat the bride, groom, the bride and groom’s parents, the best man and the maid of honour …or throw caution to the wind and mix it up. Keep in mind that people can be offended by this decision, a wonderful way to keep everyone feeling special to to request that those who traditionally sit at the top table host a table of special guests close by.

Do have a table for younger guests. This may include younger cousins, nieces or nephews who are old enough to sit away from their parents for the meal. You may want to place this table close to the door so that parents can lead children outside if they misbehave.

Don’t sit elderly guests on a table of younger singles, a cliquey group of friends or away from other relatives they know well.

Do start planning early. The best time to finalise your wedding day seating plan is once you have received all the RSVPs. Remember that your beautifully designed seating plan will need to be printed and put together before the event.

wedding day seating plan and table plan

Don’t create a table of single strangers, be mindful to place singles on a table with at least one or two people they know to avoid an awkward dining experience and a feeling that they have been relegated to a ‘singles table’.

Do keep a balance at the tables, try to have even numbers of males and females within a similar age group and allow for groups of people who know each other to mix with other groups.

Don’t forget to triple check the RSVPs. Having a guest arrive on the day who doesn’t have a place to sit is a stress you do not need.

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