Helping You Find Emotional Balance. Unblock your Mind, Body and Spirit

Helping You Find Emotional Balance
Unblock your Mind, Body and Spirit

Life can be beautiful and life can be tough. There are times in our lives when everything seems to go swimmingly and times when it can feel like we’re wading through a treacle.

If you’re going through a time in your life where you feel tired, lost or like there’s something missing, my healing services can bring you back to a sense of emotional completeness.

Where Do Emotional Blocks Come From?

We should see emotion as energy emanating from different parts of our bodies. These are known as the chakras to many holistic experts. The chakras correspond to bundles of nerves and major organs within the body so form a powerful bond between emotional and physical health.

When we experience trauma, grief, disappointment or betrayal we often seek to minimise the effects of this pain in our daily lives. We don’t have the time, the energy or the desire to deal with it at that point so we push it down. We bury our feelings deep so that we can carry on with life’s chores, commitments and responsibilities.

What Happens When We Block Emotions?

When we repress our emotions in this way, we inadvertently block energy that flows from our chakras. The emotional trauma stays on a subconscious level but never goes away – it’s a constant presence in our lives buried under the surface and can cause damage to our long-term health and emotional stability.

A blockage can happen in any of the chakras depending on what type of emotion we are avoiding. Repressing pain, grief, bitterness and anger or any past trauma can block the flow of positive energy when we need it most. If we repress our pain for long enough, we may not be only putting our emotional wellbeing at risk but our physical health too.

Symptoms of Energy Blocks

A Closed Eye

Sometimes we may be unaware that we have blocked an energy channel – we’ve been conditioned to act in a way that has harmed us without us even knowing it. It may take a ‘wake-up call’ for it to come to our attention. Perhaps you say or do something that has come to represent how you behave now but that you know isn’t the real you and somebody calls you out on it. That is a wake-up call.

Case Study

Take Jakki Smith. Now a soul coach in California, Jakki was at a party when she made a crushing remark to a friend. A stranger who was standing next to her said, ‘How did you get so harsh?’ and Jakki realised that she had blocked all her positive energy with years of competitiveness and giving in to her personal insecurities. Jakki had her wake-up call and acted to unblock her positive energy.

Eyes Half Open

Sometimes, however, we may already feel that ‘something’ is out of sync in our lives. Many of us can tell when things just aren’t right. Perhaps you say things you normally wouldn’t, you act in ways that you later question or you find yourself ‘performing’ a role in your life that isn’t sitting well. You just know.

What Negative Energy Look Like

Symptoms of distress may appear as physical or emotional; they may be dramatic or they may be slight. Some of the symptoms of energy blockage can appear as:

A sense of resentment towards loved ones, colleagues or the world in general

Anger – whether this is directed at others or yourself

The desire to criticise others

Feelings of guilt or shame for something you have done in the past or continue to do

Envy towards others who you think have better, easier or luckier lives

Bitterness about a way that you have been treated

Feeling stuck or lost in life – like you’ve gone down the wrong street

You have a goal in mind but it seems out of reach or you self-sabotage when reaching for it

A relationship is particularly challenging and you don’t know how to deal with it

You are frightened of new ideas, meeting new people, going to new places and experiences new things

Something has happened in your past that you are finding it hard to acknowledge

As you can see there are so many ways to stop the natural flow of our positive energy. And if these are ignored they can lead to us struggling with life rather than enjoying it. Even the smallest energy blockage should not be ignored and I can help you find a way through to your positive whole self.

Why Energy Blocks Need Healing

Our past shapes our present and many traumas that happen in childhood or our younger years may have created negative patterns in our lives that continuously block positive energy. It is also possible that a wound from the recent past may not have healed because we don’t want to let go of the anger or grief that we feel. Often we hold onto negative energy because we feel we deserve it. We do not.

If we consistently block positive energetic paths then we become open to emotional issues such depression, addictive behaviours, over consumption of food, increased spending or the inability to express love. The lasting effects of this can even result in serious short or long-term physical health issues. Do not worry. The first step to improving your life is when you come to the place of realisation. A realisation that you need to unblock positive energy and live a healthier life.

It is essential and possible to live a life of warmth, kindness and peace and there are many ways I can help you achieve it.

Energy Block Release

Together we can begin a journey that will unblock all of the negative energy that you may have been consciously or subconsciously blocking for so long. My aim is to help you release the blocked energy points and enable you to acknowledge your repressed emotions so you to live your best life.

I will help you navigate a path through your emotional blocks by supporting you to recognise the root cause of it. We can then start your healing journey. Through my guided practice and techniques you’ll feel enabled to recognise, realise and accept your past self and move into a place of positivity and gratitude.

What Positive Energy Looks Like

With me you can find a way to your best self by experiencing positive energy. Some of the ways this might manifest is in:

A sense of calm and inner peace

The ability to be compassionate, sympathetic or empathetic with others

Feeling energy return to your physical presence

Be more tuned-in to your mind and body

The ability to make decisions in a reasoned way

Interact with mindfulness and gratitude with other humans and animals

Feel a sense of life’s purpose and your place in it

Feel well and healthy

Love yourself and others

Every thought creates your reality and I will guide you through various forms of healing in your path to wellness. I will help you open your blocked energy through meditation, breathwork, affirmations, reiki and yoga meditation until you have rediscovered the power of positive energy in your life.

My best gift to you will be to teach you how to forgive and let go, to prioritise self-care and self-love and to help you find a new beginning in each and every day.


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