How to overcome chronic tiredness

How to overcome chronic tiredness.

When people ask, ‘How have you been?’ are you tempted to answer, ‘I’m constantly tired.’?
You probably won’t give the honest answer, though, because we’re trained from a young
age to say, ‘I’m fine.’ But more and more of us are finding the blistering pace of life, our
responsibilities and chores, our work-life balance, family and community commitments, and the
expectations others place on us and those we place on ourselves almost too much to bear.
Perhaps you have a sense that your life is running at a pace you’re unable to keep up with.
Perhaps you have been feeling low, have little energy for much of the day, or have felt lost
for some time. Perhaps you have visited your doctor, and they have diagnosed exhaustion
and anxiety or have suggested you are suffering from burnout.

However your tiredness appears,
I can help you recognise the ways your energy is leaking from your life and, more
importantly, ways to fix it.

What can cause energy leaks?

Life’s overwhelming aspects can significantly affect our energy levels. But we don’t have to
go through something hugely traumatic to suffer from tiredness that won’t lift. I refer to
these incremental losses of energy that happen from the strains of ordinary life as ‘energy
leaks’. But what can cause these leaks? So many things, but here are some ideas to help you
narrow down your own possible energy leaks:

Lack of sleep
The most obvious cause of tiredness is a lack of restorative sleep. Having a poor sleeping
pattern can be caused by conscious or subconscious anxieties, from a mild or significant
health issue or can result from a work pattern or lifestyle choice. There can be a number of
other reasons that could lead to poor sleeping habits but not having a good’s night sleep can
have significant long-term effects, including chronic tiredness.

Unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or dehydration
‘You are what you eat’ may be an old-fashioned saying, but it’s as true today as it ever was.
Science increasingly shows that a balanced diet is one of the best ways to avoid chronic
illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes in later life. A good diet coupled with drinking
enough water and getting regular exercise is essential for improving our physical and mental
health. But it’s easier said than done. In our busy lives, it’s so easy not to prioritise these
essential elements of healthy living, often because we’re too tired – it’s a catch-22.

Living in a cluttered home
Feng shui teaches its practitioners that a cluttered home can affect people’s minds, bodies and
spirits. Perhaps you have items, furniture arrangements or
routines in your home that are causing your tiredness. A lack of space, order or hygiene in your home may have eaten away at your energy without you even being aware of the cause.

Unresolved trauma
Perhaps there is a past event in your life that you have been trying to bury. Perhaps you are
only half aware that you have something painful inside that you would rather not deal with.
As painful as it is, if you continue to run away from past traumas, your distress could deepen,
leaving you with emotional wounds that stop you from being at peace with yourself.

Overstimulation from technology and social media
If we allow ourselves to be, we can be ‘switched on’ 24/7. The blue light from screens and
the addiction to dopamine that comes from all those Facebook and Insta ‘likes’ can turn into
a problem. If you find yourself scrolling late into the night or feel ‘wired’ because you have
been over-relying on your connections within social media channels, you could be taking a
physical or mental hit when you try to switch off.

A sense of emotional discomfort or lack of emotion
You may not know why you feel tired, but you DO feel that something isn’t ‘right’. It may be
that you are feeling emotions too deeply – more than might be considered healthy, or that
you are feeling less emotion than might be considered healthy. As an example, you may find
yourself bursting into hysterical laughter or tears at little trivialities like dropping a cup of
tea or not being able to park your car straight. Or perhaps you witness or hear of a tragic
event and feel nothing. Either of these reactions might be a symptom of lasting fatigue
that stems from deep within your soul.

Unhealthy thought patterns
I’m sure we’ve all woken up in the middle of the night worrying about our to-do lists. With so
much going on in our lives, it is very easy to let everyday matters build up in our minds.
Sometimes, these thoughts can crowd out healthy thinking patterns to a point
where our thoughts become intrusive. Anxieties can often be present in our minds
long before we acknowledge that we might have a problem. But the ‘what if…’ thinking
pattern that harms our well-being may be a familiar indicator of poor mental
health for many of us. Being over-tired can be both the cause and a symptom of unhealthy
thoughts. We don’t sleep, so we worry; we worry so we can’t sleep – it can be so

But there is a healing journey that can bring back your inner glow, and I can help you find the

A new pathway into the light
Let’s work together to halt energy leaks, find inner peace and return your zest for life. I can
help you recognise unhealthy spaces in your home, life and behaviours. You’ll work with me to change habits or patterns contributing to energy leaks. We’ll plan your
healing programme together, so your returning energy is in your hands.
I will be your guide to find your way back to a sense of balance and stability that you may
have thought was out of reach. With me, you won’t be papering over the leaks in your
energy, you’ll be healing from deep within.

Small ways to begin the healing journey

I look forward to working with you. Before we start, I’d like to share some of the ways that
we’ll use to create new pathways to a life full of light:

Reiki – we can use this form of energy healing as a powerful way to restore your equilibrium
Yoga – practice the poses alongside me and together we’ll make your body a pathway of
Breath work – breathe is life, and together we’ll work on breathing techniques to help you
cope with life’s ups and downs
Aromatherapy – the senses are powerful – let’s mix and match scents to lift your mood,
energise your body or quieten your mind
Positive Thinking – together, we’ll tailor some mantras to suit YOU and help with your sense
of self. We’ll also share the beauty of self-love by using a mirror as a healing tool to find
acceptance and self-worth
Sound and Colour Therapy – by tapping into our senses, I can help you use sound or colour
to erase stagnant energy and improve the energy flowing through your body
Tapping therapy – I will share with you the complimentary act of ‘tapping’. You’ll interact
with your body’s key points to reconnect with your energy
Crystals – I will help you feel the healing power of crystals and their peaceful impact on the
mind and spirit
Meditation – meditation is one of the most powerful acts in our healing journey, and I can
offer a guided meditation to start you on the right path
Guided self-care – I can help you identify new ways for you to find positive energy through

Together we can find or re-discover a connection with nature by walking, nature
bathing or hiking; find energy in the physical acts of making, such as crafting, baking,
gardening or the arts; recognise the power of slowing down by reading, performing acts of
mindfulness, journaling or planning regular home-based self-care rituals.

Tiredness is one of the most easily dismissed human conditions.

It can also be incredibly debilitating.
The beginning of any journey can be tough.

But no matter how hard it seems, I will always have my hand outstretched to help you.

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