How to Tell Your Guests You’re Postponing Your Wedding Date or Changing Your Plans

While no couple ever wants to change their carefully thought-out and planned wedding arrangements, life’s unpredictability and the current global situation mean that postponing your wedding date is the reality for many.

With so much uncertainty some are reluctant to plan but there are several ways you can deal with necessary changes to wedding day planning hiccups.

If you aren’t able to hold the wedding of your dreams on the date you’ve chosen you have a couple of options; postpone your big day, scale down the celebrations, or organise a virtual wedding.

Postpone your wedding date

Changing the date of your wedding is a big decision but if you have your heart set on every detail you have planned, and the current situation doesn’t allow you to have your dream wedding then this is the option for you.

Scale down your wedding celebrations

If circumstances require you may decide to scale down your wedding celebration. This decision could impact many aspects of your planning including a change of venue, reducing the guest list or revising catering requirements, amongst others. In this situation you will want to think about the parts of your wedding day that are most important to you and which parts you would consider stripping away.

Plan an online virtual wedding

Online wedding ceremonies and celebrations are becoming popular in the UK. While it isn’t currently possible to have a legal marriage online, a celebrant ceremony and celebration is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. This option could be combined with a scaled down in-person event.

Whichever option is right for you, it’s important to tell your close family and the wedding party as soon as possible. If it is relevant you should start with whoever is footing the bill for your big day as they should be involved in many practical aspects of changing your plans. Following this you should call close relatives, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Prioritise anyone who MUST be at your celebration to ensure they can accommodate your change.

Informing your wedding guests of a change of wedding plans

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When informing your wider circle of a change in wedding plans there are a few options.

Many choose to first email their guests with the news that the wedding date or format is changing. This is a good step to take if your planned wedding is just around the corner. Your email may include some brief details about the reason for changing the wedding plans or you may choose to omit any specifics. There is no need to go into detail.

While email may be an easy and fast option, this may create a great deal of correspondence that you don’t have the capacity to deal with while you are amending your wedding plans. If you have some time before your planned wedding date a printed card may be the best first contact with your guests.

Whether you choose to send out an email or not, a more elegant approach to communicating your plans is to mail out an official announcement. Your announcement should match the style and feel of your save the date or wedding invitations and is a good opportunity to keep the feel of your event exciting.

Wording to include on your wedding change of date, venue or format

The wording on your change of wedding plans announcement will depend on the style, the message and the situation.

The important thing to remember is to keep the card light yet informative with a positive message. You may not need to explain the situation, instead announce the new date, venue or other changes and express your excitement for the new plan.

Examples of change the date wording

Please mark your calendars with the new date for our wedding celebration. We’re excited to share our special day with you.

Save the new date!

Our wedding date has been changed – we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

We’re excited to announce our new wedding plans

Remaining Positive when your wedding plans change

postponing your wedding plans

Remember to keep calm if you are forced to change your wedding plans. The most important part of your wedding is marrying your partner with the support and love of your closest family and friends. Everything you decide to do from here is in the pursuit of the most memorable celebration, where your guests can be happy and feel safe. Stay positive.


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