It’s A Trend: Wedding Trends for 2023-2024

How you can make your wedding stationery capture the coolest vibes.

2022 saw a post-pandemic wedding boom as all those covid-postponed wedding bells rang out loud and proud. But for 2023 onwards, wedding schedules will be getting back to normal so the build-up to the big day won’t be so rushed. We can all breathe a sigh of relief!

Hot or Not?

Brides and Grooms are taking more time to make their wedding day memorable. And there are already some key 2023-24 trends to take note of. Let’s take a look at what’s going to big and how Mrs Peony can perfectly capture those trends with our Swancar Collection.

Colour Me Pretty

After being a big part of the 2022 wedding look, emeralds are going out and purple-blues are coming in. If you want to be exactly on the money, lavender is THE key colour for 2023. With that in mind, Mrs Peony’s Swancar collection is the perfect fit. You can choose matching ink and envelope that reflects your chosen wedding colour whether you go for blue hues or not.

Elegance & Grace

Having a slimmer guest list is something that seems to be staying for 2023-24. Rather than a hectic event, couples are looking to embrace elegance and gracefulness for their weddings. You can set this tone from the first moment with a wedding invitation from our Swancar collection. Swancar’s timeless letterpress design perfectly captures that desired sense of elegance that next year’s weddings are aiming for.

Perfectly Personal

Predictions are showing that around a hundred guests are going to be the average for next year’s smaller wedding parties. And with smaller guest lists, couples can embrace the trend for adding a more personal touch to their wedding preparations. Kat, Mrs Peony’s founder, checks all the small details to make your wedding stationary is exactly what you want. Couples can customise the colours of the ink and envelopes, choose a wedding stationery suite that meets the needs of what they have planned, and for a small fee you can add a personal note to your invites. A romantic quote might be a delightfully personal touch to add to your stationery.

Floral Art

Flowers are everywhere but not on the tables. That’s right! Couples are considering sustainability much more and in 2023-24 that attitude is set to continue. Couples are opting out of the waste associated with floral decorations in venues and on table settings. Instead they are opting in to floral favours such as bee-friendly flower bombs or personalised packets of seed. What they also want is floral wedding stationery. With a stunning letter-pressed floral design, the Swancar collection certainly captures the trend for floral art perfectly.

Mrs Peony’s Swancar Collection was inspired by Swancar Farm Country House a truly stunning Wedding Venue not too distant from our studio. It seemed a perfect fit for our most timeless of printing techniques: the letterpress. And Mrs Peony’s is proud to say that their perfectly embossed designs never go out of fashion.

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