Letter from the future you- providing support for when you need it the most.

Welcome my wonderful person! I am so happy to have you here!
I have something very special for you- a letter, hoping this will bring you hope for when you need it the most.


“Dearest You,
I am writing to you as your future self to let you know I know how difficult you feel right now. I want you to know that in future, where I am now- all is well, and all is thanks to you! I am so proud of you, of the person you have become. Life was neither easy nor kind, but somehow you managed to keep it up so well. Listen, the feelings you are going through, are here to help you finally heal and re-discover a better way of living. It is the beginning of the new you, of the times when you discover how powerful you are. It is not going to get easier as yet, there are still a few lessons that need to be learned and let go of, but you can push it through, I know you can- because I am- you.
I must tell you, not everyone on your path will join you, not everyone can help you grow.
Some people from your life will leave, and some hard decisions will need to take place too but trust me, all is as it must in order for you to find the true happiness.”

Remember this – “Have faith & trust all will be well because it will. Have no expectations, and only then- the true miracles will happen.”

The letter you read above was meant for you, I can not express how truthful it is, seeing it all clear now, I wish the message will bring you peace & hope. I can reassure you everything will be well, all you have to do is- to never give up.

If you are reading this before our treatment, I want you to know that you are going to be okay. The dark times you are feeling at the moment will soon pass, and you will learn more about yourself & see how truly wonderful you are.

All I ask is to have faith that everything that happens has got a more meaningful purpose to your life, even tho you can’t see it/ understand it at this moment. Soon all will make sense, trust me.
For this time being, I wish to send you all my love & support as I do care and wish you all the best.

May your healing journey be filled not only with tears of joy but also deeper understanding of who you are and what is your higher purpose in this lifetime.

Sending my love to you!


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