Expectant mothers are expected to bloom, right? And being pregnant can be a
wonderful experience – a time to relish and celebrate. But not all pregnancies are
the same.
Your pregnancy may be going with a breeze or it may be a bit of a bumpy ride.
Either way, self-care is an essential part of connecting your body and mind as you
nurture your unborn child.
My reiki service for expectant mums is a fantastic way to achieve some peace.
You can choose between a 30-minute or hour-long appointment and receive
hands-on healing. And when you relax, you’ll be positively impacting your baby’s
wellness too.
Prenatal reiki is a non-invasive way to help you unwind. And because reiki doesn’t
involve direct engagement with muscle groups or body tissues, it’s a safe choice
for mums-to-be, except during the first trimester. You can choose to lie on your
back or side – whichever position makes you feel comfortable – and I’ll take you
on a well-being journey back to your best self.


How You And Your Baby Can Benefit from Reiki

Reiki treatment is all about healing energy. It’s non-invasive and works with your
body as it changes during pregnancy. And it’s widely understood that an
improvement in a mother’s well-being is going to be passed on to her baby.
But let’s look at the ways that reiki can benefit mothers and their unborn babies.

Emotional Balance

Pregnancy is a time of change for all mothers whether it is their first child or fifth.
And changes can sometimes lead to overwhelming emotions and mood swings.
The meditative qualities of your Reiki treatment can help balance worries and
negative thought patterns and increase your confidence and emotional
During times of change, experiences from the past or projected trauma can
overwhelm us all at times, especially during pregnancy. When traumatic events
occur or we are fixated on negative outcomes, our energy pathways can get blocked.

Reiki works to release negative energy from our bodies and help us
return to a more positive mindset.

Reduced Stress

You may be pregnant but that doesn’t mean your life stops. Perhaps you are
balancing your normal responsibilities of work and family with the emotional and
physical experiences that pregnancy brings. Stress is bad for everyone, pregnant
or not. So, it’s okay to admit when things get on top of you.
Booking a reiki treatment is a surefire step to help reduce your stress and enjoy
your pregnancy more. Reiki is a pathway to deep relaxation and centring, so it can
help you connect with your inner calm even when life gets hectic.

Improved Sleep

There are many reasons why sleep may be elusive during pregnancy. Anxieties
don’t simply melt away just because you are carrying a child. And changes to your
body sometimes make sustained sleep more elusive.
If you’d like to find your way back to regular and restful sleep, reiki might be the
answer. Studies show that reiki can have a significant and positive impact on
sleep patterns. And scientific research confirms how essential healthy sleep
patterns are for physical and mental health.
Reiki can help you on the journey to regaining blissful sleep by helping reduce
stress and increase relaxation. It also helps expectant mothers mindfully draw on
their experiences and feelings during a reiki session and bring them into their
everyday lives.

Easing Pregnancy Symptoms

The physical symptoms of pregnancy can differ for every woman. They can
include nausea (including morning sickness), cravings or aversion towards certain
foods, fatigue and exhaustion, back pain or sciatica, joint pain, high blood
pressure, bladder problems, abdominal cramps and many other symptoms linked
to hormonal imbalance.
Reiki sessions are designed to promote harmony within the body and to balance
the mind and spirit. Many expectant mums report that their reiki treatment has
reduced or eliminated many of the unwanted physical symptoms associated with

More specifically, studies show that reiki can help relax the gastrointestinal walls
to alleviate the symptoms of nausea, as well as provide relief from nerve-related

Connecting You To Your Unborn Child

The baby growing within you is precious. But with so many demands on your
time, it’s sometimes hard to take time out to connect with your unborn child.
A reiki treatment is a hugely holistic experience that gives you time, space and
permission to bond with the child in your womb. As you relax into your session,
you become more in tune with your body and your baby inside it. You can create
and hold that connection to your baby during the reiki session and take it with
you after your session.


With me, Kat, your reiki practitioner, you’ll feel accepted and safe. Your comfort
is essential to me and I’ll work with you and your body so your experience is

fully nurturing all the way through your session.

My aim, through reiki, is to give you time and space to celebrate the experience
of pregnancy and the person that is going to bring new life into the world – you!

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