Process Explained

You might wonder what to do next, how long it takes, what to expect and all the rest. I will try to explain all here.


Yayyy, you have decided to contact me! Here’s what’s going to happen next.

Once you submit the form, I will contact you to discuss the date and time that would work for us, together with a booking form to prepare for the appointment.

 If no appointment is necessary, and you just want to enquire about products, send the message through.

I aim to contact you within the next 24 working hours. If you don’t hear anything back from me after that, please send an email to


1. Consultation

I offer face-to-face appointments or Zoom Video calls. There is no appointment fee.

If you choose face to face option, your appointment will take place in my studio in Shepshed and will include:

  • Welcome Pack
  • One-hour appointment to discuss the details & plan the next step
  • Opportunity to see the collections face to face
  • Opportunity to see the Letterpresses, machinery, and different textures of cardstock
  • Learning about the process of print on Letterpress, Hot Foil press and more
  • Email after the appointment with all the details discussed & plan of action

Zoom Video Call will include:

  • One-hour appointment to discuss the details & plan the next step
  • Quick guide about the process of print on Letterpress, Hot Foil press and more
  • Email after the appointment with all the details discussed & plan of action


2. After the appointment

1. Email – After the meeting/video call, you will receive the email with a recap of our conversation, followed by the next steps and the Contract & Invoice. These will include payment dates and time schedules – please note this has to be signed within 3 working days and sent back to me.

2. Payments and Due Dates: Full payment for the stationery a month in advance of my work commencing, then approx one month* to receive the goods – example: Planned time to send out the invitations 25rd of March – 23rd of January full payment, 23rd of February final proofs signed and time to start filling the order – 23rd of March* order completed ready to pick up/delivery.

*Please note a month is just the example; on the day, we will discuss the time schedules depending on the availability.

3. Deposit– If the discussed date is far in advance, this is the time to pay the deposit; this will secure the date. Normally, it’s 25% of the total amount and non-refundable. If the date is approximately* two months in advance, I will require full payment, as stated in paragraph 2. Please note I accept either cash or a bank transfer.

5. Proofs – I will transfer all the information to my programme so that you can see the results. At this stage, we can amend any spellings and make sure everything is perfect and ready to print. After agreeing, the final proof will be sent for you to sign – please note this will have to be dealt with immediately for me to begin the work.

6. Creating magic – this is the time when I begin fulfilling the order. You will receive updates & lots of pretty pictures.

7. Delivery – Your bespoke wedding stationery/gifts will be beautifully wrapped, ready to either get delivered or picked up.





So what is the Trello board?

Trello is a list of lists filled with cards used by me to help keep everything organised in one place. Every client of mine has its own board, and it’s completely private. You can add files there and photos and write a to-do list.

Why Do I use it?

Because it keeps me organised and of course it keeps you updated.

I don’t know how to use it?

The only thing you would have to do is upload the app. Once I set your board, I will forward the link to you, automatically taking you to the app store. It is completely free.

You can comment, move things around, create a to-do list for yourself, and upload pictures and ideas. Of course, if this is something you are interested in, If not, you can keep it to check the progress.




Bespoke service starts from scratch. 

It is ideal for couples who have their idea of the designs they want.

You will have a chance to choose different paper textures, shapes, printing techniques and accessories. Fonts, layout, design — everything fully personalised to your desire.

The fee starts from £50, and it depends on the complexity.



You can choose any of the House Collections and make it yours sincerely. You can change fonts, colours, textures, and accessories. Everything else can be adjusted as long as the layout stays the same.


Checking the PROOF

Please note that I will work with you until you are 100% happy and then send the proof for you to sign. It is mainly to catch any spelling mistakes and to give you an idea of the final product and how it will look.

Please note that after signing the proof, you agree that the file has no mistakes and is ready to be sent to the plate makers to be made. If there are any mistakes discovered after that, this will be liable to you.


If there is anything else you are unsure of, please send me a message. I would love to help.


Our Address:

We are based in Shepshed, Leicestershire

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 am till 3 pm

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