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Bath Salts | Glass Tube | White Himalayan Salts + Rose | Wedding Favour | Gift for Her


A R O M A T H E R A P Y  |  S P A   T R E A T M E N T  |  B A T H   S A L T S
White Himalayan | Rare Grade | With Rose Essential Oil & Rose Petals

Each tube can make 1 or 2 baths & Includes:
– White Himalayan Salts
– High-Grade Rose petals
– Rose Geranium Essential Oil
– Glass Tube with Cork 20ml (15x150mm)

You can choose to order One Tube, Set of Five Tubes or Set of Five Tubes lovely wrapped in a gift box.
I also offer Gift Note, which will be handwritten by me. It’s optional, but it’s a lovely touch, and I wanted to help make it more memorable.

White Himalayan Salts are the rare, 100 % pure & natural salts.
Only just 10 minutes in a bath can help reduce stress, fatigue & pain, also increases the energy.

How to do it:
– Fill the bath with very warm water but not too hot.
– Add Bath Salts, let it dissolve
– Salt baths may feel dehydrating to some people. Keep a glass of cool water nearby in case you feel the need for a drink.
– Bathe for 10-30 minutes. Rinse off and dry.
– Moisturize your skin afterwards.

Did you know?

– Himalayan Salts are the best remedy to clear negative energy- If you are like me, an Empath, you will find yourself very sensitive to other people energies. You must learn how to cleanse your energy daily.
But You don’t have to be an Empath just to use it or feel any difference. Anyone can and anyone will.
– In a Psychic world, Salts are used on a daily basis, to clear the room, house, all the negativity & also protect. Check it out, and you will be surprised by how helpful it is.
– Himalayan Salts can help with Eczema, Acne & Psoriasis – Can help reduce redness, scaling & irritation.
– Soothes insect bites.
– Helps managing stress – I can’t even tell you how much this is important, especially during this challenging time we are facing right now! We have to help ourselves, become the best friends of ours because today, we need the most.


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