Healing Emotional Trauma




Healing Emotional Trauma or helping to deal with emotions. Being triggered.

Dealing with anger, guilt, shame, worry, rejection and all those uncomfortable feelings that we keep hidden deep, deep within.

So why are we so broken?

We are not broken; we are just carrying a lot of pain. The pain that is hurting us so, so much. We feel that life is unfair. We feel lonely. Sometimes we even think nobody understands it. Then at the top of it, someone hurts us, or we go through a trauma, creating a whole new level of suffering.
But why? There isn’t a straightforward answer but going through healing is a perfect start. I can help you find out your story, your why and how to change it.

So who am I and why me?

My name is Katarzyna, but everyone calls me Kat.
A few years ago, I started going through spiritual awakening to discover I’m an old soul/ Empath and healing others comes naturally to me – my medium said I’m a natural-born healer.
During my life, I’ve experienced many traumas, but I’m not here to be listing them all; I’m here to tell you I know how painful and lonely it feels. The days turn dark, and nothing seems to be bright enough… even if you can’t see it at the moment- there’s a light at the end, and I genuinely wish I would be able to help you shine your true pure light.
I want to tell you that you can safely open up to me and find understanding… Imagine sitting still and feeling just pure beautiful love to the whole world ♥️ and then feel it – mirrored back at you ♥️

I’m an Empath – which means I genuinely feel your emotions. I feel them on an energy level which is so helpful in healing; I know which part of the body and mind we have to work on. It’s like a scan but deeper. Don’t freak out; I can’t read your mind! (Just saying I’ve actually met someone once that could, and it proper freaked me out!)
There’s no need to worry – I’m not judgemental. Everything discussed during the session will stay behind the closed door.

I can help you understand yourself, get to the bottom of your why and how.

During the treatment, I use crystals. I use aromatherapy, Sound healing techniques and Reiki. I will dig deep within to find the repressed emotions that need clearing out.
I work with your mind, soul and body at the same time.
Let me say- it’s not going to hurt, well, not your body, I must add. Bringing repressed emotions might be painful, but this is the last time before saying a final goodbye to it.

Reiki– it’s an energy healing technique that helps you relax, move on from traumas. During the session, I will place my hands on you and send pure light through your body. You might feel a warm sensation, tingling or cold vibrations. The Reiki knows exactly what you need, and you don’t have to believe in it to make it work. It works magic itself.

This is why I’ve chosen to use a few healing techniques to tackle the problem entirely.
I believe all health problems are connected to our thoughts and emotions. For example, pain in your back is connected to your support part. Upper – we feel we aren’t supported emotionally – closest to us doesn’t understand us. Lower back – financial worries. This doesn’t mean we are struggling with money- it means we feel we haven’t got enough to support us.
Some of the emotions are not from this lifetime either. Reiki works through many levels.

This treatment will take approximately 1hr plus half an hour to an hour to talk. If you need more time, I will accommodate my time for you, and there’s no need to rush. I want to make you feel safe and happy. It is a priority to me.
You will probably not see the vast results after the first session, but the more we will work, the more you will see the change. I would suggest you might start to notice the shift after 4/6 sessions.

You see – the feelings that you are experiencing at the moment haven’t happened for over a day or month. It’s been cumulating within over many, many years.
I wish I could tell you I have a magic wand and will take everything away now- I wish I could have done it to myself too, but the reality, as harsh as it sounds it’s a bit different. We need to learn where we have gone wrong to fix it, and we need to open the windows to feel the fresh air. Do you get me?
We will go deep to finally release the past, not bury it till another year.

The most important thing I should say is that you have to be ready to heal. No amount of work anyone can do until you feel ready, then, we are halfway through, and very soon, you will rediscover this amazing beautiful person -you.
There’s much more to it, but we will discuss it all during your visit.

So the question is – are you ready?



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