Recommended suppliers

Good morning lovely people !!!!


Have you ever felt like giving up when it comes to search for the new suppliers ? Not sure who to trust… there is so many similar businesses out there but you still haven’t found the right one…

Well, let me help you.

I have created (still working on it) highly recommended list of all lovely people I have meet in my planning journey and now as I have started my own business – working area. Some of them I have used myself when I was planning my wedding, some of them are the people I work with. None of them are just random picked, or either paid for advertisement. I have picked them all by myself.

So please feel free to check them all out !!! and just to say the list is going to be bigger, I am just waiting for the replies, so please keep checking for some updates.

Our Address:

We are based in Shepshed, Leicestershire

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 am till 3 pm

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