Retune Your Body with Tuning Fork Therapy

Have you ever been moved by a piece of music? Do you smile when you turn on your
favourite song? Does your morning routine run so much sweeter when you’ve got a great
playlist blaring from your speakers?
Me too! Music is a wonderful gift and yet we often forget the importance of sound.
Scientists have proven that rhythmic sounds can alter our rate of breathing, our heart rate
and our blood pressure depending on the tempo.
So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that sound can also be used to realign our feelings,
emotions and balance our mood. Especially as listening to certain sounds can release
dopamine in the brain which is linked to our instinct to survive.
With that in mind, we should see sound as more than a pleasant addition to our lives but an
essential bodily need. That is why sound plays an integral role in my healing practices and
why I’d like to introduce you to tuning fork therapy.

What Is Tuning Fork Therapy?

You have probably heard of tuning forks but the notion of using them to heal your body and
mind might be new to you. Rest assured, the specially constructed therapeutic tuning forks
that I use in my practice are a powerful way of rebalancing your mind, body and spirit.
When we feel out of sync with life or our bodies, we may feel a sense of being ‘blocked’.
Regaining our biological synchronicity is essential for our well-being. So the more our bodies
are open to the flow of vibrations, the more open our energy channels become. And that
makes us feel better.
I’ll work with you in a calm environment, and strike tuning forks around or on the body,
depending on your needs, that create frequencies that will soothe and rebalance you.

How Does Tuning Fork Therapy Work?

Now we know what it is, let me explain how tuning fork therapy works. Sound therapy and
tuning forks in particular are based on the idea that everything in life is linked through
vibration. And that the closer we can come back to our own individual vibration the more
aligned we will feel.
The body is also 70% water. And as sound conducts more readily in water, our bodies are
perfect vessels. The vibrations and frequencies that a struck tuning fork creates, pass
through the brain, body and the spirit, opening up closed pathways. And the forks’ rich
resonance reawakens and reconnects us to the natural music of our bodies.

But the effects go beyond emotion and are firmly seated in neuroscience. Because our
brainwaves reacted to different frequencies, by placing different therapeutic forks on or
near specific sites on the body, the acupressure points, we can stimulate or calm the brain.

What Are The Benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy?

The benefits of tuning fork therapy are extensive and wide-reaching. And they also depend
on your needs.
But in general, you might encounter some of the following after our tuning fork therapy:

Improved Sleep Pattern

When our bodies or minds are out of synch, our natural circadian rhythm can be affected.
Tuning fork therapy can help rebalance your body’s natural rhythm and you may notice
better sleep and longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.

Physiological Homeostasis

Our best state is to be calm and balanced in our minds and body. This is called physiological
homeostasis. Whatever has become misaligned in your body may find a path back to
homeostasis through the power of tuning fork frequencies.

Cell Renewal

We can repair our bodies at the cellular level through harmonising rhythms in the spinal
cord. As the spine supports the body throughout the day, creating harmony in the spine is
essential for physical well-being.

Practical and Creative Brain Realignment

There are times when we are logical and measured (left brain) and there are times when we
are spontaneous and intuitive (right brain). A balance of the two ‘sides’ of the brain is ideal
for a less chaotic life. And tuning fork therapy can realign the two for clearer thinking.

Physical Healing and Bone Density

If you are an athlete or are suffering from bone weakness, the frequencies of tuning fork
therapy may help. It can help relax muscle tension and aid muscle repair as well as increase
bone density.

What Will Happen During Our Therapy Session?

Our therapy sessions will be all about you and your body and mind. We will use our tuning
fork therapy session to begin a journey to physical and emotional wholeness.
I will use a combination of three types of tuning forks during our session.

My bio-sonic brain tuning forks are designed using electroencephalography (EEG)
technology to address issues relating to different states of consciousness.
I may use my chakra balancing forks too. These are a combination of unweighted forks that
are used around the body, whilst the weighted forks are placed directly on the body
chakras. These help us balance our body’s energy.
A set of bio-sonic body tuning forks is another favourite set of mine. I’ll use these during our
sound therapy sessions to promote unity within your body.

Who is Tuning Fork Therapy Good For?

If you feel that something just isn’t right in your body but your doctor has reassured you
there is nothing medically wrong, then tuning-fork therapy may work for you.
Or if you are seeking to become more in touch with your body and its needs, you may want
to reconnect within yourself in a new way – through sound. The powerful resonance of the
tuning forks can speak to your mind and body on a deep level and raise you to a more
uplifted state of consciousness and a more balance mind and body.

Who is Tuning Fork Therapy Not Good For? 

It’s not advised that tuning fork therapy is undergone by pregnant women. It’s not the best
therapy to choose if you have a pacemaker, metal implants, metal pins, metal binding, or
stents because the vibrations may affect these in unpredictable ways.
Do not worry if tuning fork therapy won’t work for you, though. I offer a range of equally
healing therapies that will suit your needs perfectly.

Our bodies are the wonderful vessels of our life and spirit. The more in tune we are with our
bodies the more mindful our lives become. And I am looking forward to working with you to
awaken your body’s own powerful music.

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