Top 8 ways to relax when Coronavirus spreads panic

Hello, my beautiful couples, let me tell you, I am feeling so much empathy for you now… It must be absolutely horrifying to listen to the news, especially if you are getting married this year, this is the time whenever you are considering postponing wedding or not.

I can’t stop feeling anxious, with everyday life, nevermind Wedding!!!!

Last night I had a chat with a few of my brides, they were extremely upset, and to be honest, normally you would say go out join the gym, hang out with your friends… Not this time, when self-isolation is on the table.

So here I have prepared my top 8 ways to calm, unwind and forget( just for a few minutes) about the whole stress & panic, at your own place, with your partner or without.


And if you have never done it, there’s plenty of apps on your phone you can upload & try! I am using Calm, and it’s absolutely brilliant, but please check the reviews, try others. You don’t have to have an app, you can go on Youtube, they have plenty of Videos helping you relax. One serious note, at the beginning it will feel awkward.. and its completely normal, but don’t stop, try to last till the end and then ask yourself “has it worked?”

Drink plenty of Water

Silly as it sounds water is an amazing cure for the stress. It clears your body from your toxin, and when you stress you create plenty of those…

Hand made

Who said self-isolate should be boring? Have you ever tried to make those handmade face masks? The fun starts when you start thinking about the ingredients not the Virus – try. If you are more creative why don’t you try to create something very unique? Draw it on a piece of paper, and then make it! You will absolutely love it!

Pamper yourself

Now, You have tried meditating, drank plenty of water, even created some stuff, yes it did help but now you are back to square one. This time is about you not avoiding the situation – ask yourself – How do I feel? Why do I feel the way I do, Is there anything I can do to change for better? – Write all this down, and become your best friend, fully emphasise with yourself, become your best friend, sometimes a little bit of understanding is what you need, and yes sometimes you are the only person who can help, just do it, Your real you need it right now.

Listen to your favourite music

Have you ever listen to your favourite music when you are happy, upset, or experiencing any other feelings? I do, I listen to Sting when I am feeling down, and totally opposite when cleaning, when designing its time for some inspirational music, I love Vanessa Mae etc, what’s yours?

Try aromatherapy

Smelling the right scents can lift your mood, relax your spine & help you forget about worries.

Try massage

Have you been looking after your body recently? What about all those lotions that pile up in your bathroom? No, you don’t have to be massagist to nurture and spoil your body with your touch. Have a bath, put some aromatherapy oils in it, dim the light, or light some candles, put relaxing music & unwind. Think positive. Whatever it’s happening in this world right now, you have no power to change it, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change, so just let it past, and enjoy the time, the time when you are very close to yourself, the time when you are fully taking care of yourself, the time when you bond. We are living in such a busy world, nobody is taking care of mental health as we should think about now that this is the time to do so.

Talk to your friends

Yes you still can use your phone, times, when the Video call is so popular, is Now! Use it


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