Wedding Stationery Timeline – When to Send out What

Often I get asked when is the best time to send wedding invitations, a question I can never answer the same. A wedding stationery timeline is all down to personal preference however, I have prepared a little wedding stationery timeline which hopefully will help you establish the best time for you to order and send out your wedding stationery from invites to thank you cards.

So here’s my Wedding Stationery Timeline, a guide for when to send wedding stationery!

When to Send Save the dates

Save the date cards can be sent out as soon as you get engaged until approximately a year before your wedding. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t send them for example 6 months before your big day. Everything goes, but the later you send wedding date cards the more likely it is that someone important to you won’t be able to make the date, keep this in mind to avoid disappointment.

Sending your save the dates later also means you will have less time to organise the rest of stationery and of course the rest of planning. If I was to suggest I would go safe – one year in advance is ideal. As soon as you book the venue, church or even choose the date you can announce it.

You must remember, save the date its an informal way of letting people know to not book a holiday on that day, or perhaps include it in their yearly plans.

The best idea is to send the save the date magnet style! Yes! This way your guests will not only know about your day but also have a beautiful reminder every time they open the fridge (and it won’t get lost in a cupboard!), now it’s just counting the months to go.

Usually, the save the dates are sent to the day time guests.

Ordering your wedding Stationery from Mrs Peony? – Once you have booked to see me we will go through the times and pencil the dates, it will help you also plan your budget so no other unexpected expenses will appear, yes as we all know from experience they most likely will come … let’s get prepared.

wedding stationery timeline - save the dates

When to Send Day Time Wedding Invitations

For bespoke wedding stationery, the best time to place an order for day time invitations with me is 4-8 months in advance. I always say, please allow me at least four weeks to make them, then add time for your guests to reply and make sure you have plenty of time to prepare for the rest of stationery which would rely on them. For example, you will want to have all your RSVPs and guest information before we can start to prepare the table plan or place cards. I would send them out at least three months in advance so you allow your guests plenty of time to reply and then to plan the rest.

When to Send Evening Wedding Invitations

This varies, most of you would probably send evening wedding invitations out at the same time as day time invitations just to save your time, however, it can be done after. There is no hard rule again. Take into consideration that you may not need the RSVP to use in table plan or place cards so it is just your choice and depends on the schedule for your wedding day. I recommend that your evening wedding invitations be sent one month after the day time invitations.

wedding stationery timeline - on the day wedding stationery

When to Order On the Day Wedding Stationery

Order of Service ( for those who are getting married in church), Order of the day, Place cards, Menu cards – This kind of on-the-day wedding stationery can be considered much later but if you are ordering bespoke or hand-lettered items for your wedding day you may want to make decisions on this along with your invitations. A wedding stationery creator like myself would need approximately four weeks to make them (please confirm first if you would like my assistance with this) so ideally approximately two months before the wedding or as soon as you get all confirmations from your guests.

On the Day Guest Books, Post Boxes & Other Accessories

Welcome sign, guest book, table numbers, post box, favours, wedding hangers, ring box, make up bags etc all the items from gift section – these on-the-day wedding items can be ordered any time until approximately four weeks before the wedding depending on your supplier.

Thank you cards – a beautiful way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding – would have to be sent after your wedding. It is totally up to you date wise, however, the quicker you send them out the less things you have in mind (or on your list ? )

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Thank you for taking the time to read our guide and congratulations!

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