What about Gifts for our Men?

As a happily married woman, I completely understand how much of that I owe to him. I can honestly say without him; I wouldn’t be the better part of me today.
He is always there for me, he listens, he cares, and he would do anything just to put a smile on my face.
This brings me back to his last birthday. I knew I had to find something exceptional, something thoughtful & something magical to show him how much he means to me.
For a while, I have been working on the research for my gift shop to stock more men-care products, and one day, just before his birthday, I found Sweyn Forkbeard.
The Company is based in London, & after checking their Instagram and seeing their fantastic Brand & Style, I knew I found the perfect match. I’ve ordered the shaving set + shaving cream.
His eyes when he opened the gift glazed; I knew I’d done the right thing & his excitement about the shave and how brilliant it feels proves I am going to stick with them for a while.
I wanted to tell you this, to explain that the products I choose to stock in my shop are not randomly picked. I carefully check the quality and if it resonates with me and my beliefs.
I want the best for myself, for my loved ones and you all. Don’t we all?

So why them? – Their products are 100% natural & organic. They don’t use parabens, sulphate, artificial fragrances or colours. Products are ideal for any type of skin, even sensitive ones. All ingredients are of vegetal origin, so they are suitable for vegans and have never been tested on animals. They are planet friendly brand, look very elegant & smell gorgeous.

You can order their products from their website or come to my shop and see it for yourself; either way, it’s a brand I would never hesitate to recommend.

Check their website, check their socials & visit my shop.

Kindest regards

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