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Your Journey to Inner Peace and Relaxation

mrs peony well-being

"Feel the safety and warmth of Reiki, stillness and peace of the Sound, gentelness and relax of the Massage and powerfull and complete with Shamanic Healing"

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One To One

I offer Reiki, Sound Healing, Sound Bath, Massage and soon Shamanic Healing

Group Sessions

I offer Sound Baths & Workshops for a small groups upto 6


Half of the day filled with creative activities followed by relaxing sound bath.


  1. Tranquility // Sound Healing + Crystal Grid
  2. Deep Relaxation // Back Massage + Reiki + Crystal Grid
  3. Energise // Reiki + Crystal Grid
  4. Unwind // Moon Sound Bath One to One
  5. Ultimate Relaxation // Tuning Forks + Reiki + Crystals + Sound

NEW // Now offering Membership – Guided Healing Journey // Improve your life

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Ultimate Relaxation // Tuning Forks + Reiki + Crystals + Sound

My 4-in-One Healing Session is the ultimate treat to lull you into a state of pure Zen.



Deep Relaxation // Back Massage + Reiki + Crystal Grid

This therapy includes back, shoulders, neck and scalp massage, combined with reiki + crystals.



Unwind // Moon Sound Bath One to One

Sound Bath One to One or for Two is a perfect solution for a restful night.



Want to make booking or have a question?

Call me on 07793060495 or simply book an appointment

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Reiki allows me to harness and nurture a deep and powerful energy that is transferred from me to you. This release of healing energy helps treat any physical and/or emotional issues you may have.

Starting From £30

SOUND Healing

Using my voice, tuning forks and the short periods of silence, I work on removing any imbalances, bringing your overall wellbeing to balance.

Starting From £40


With a Reiki spiritual massage, you can expect to experience a release of both emotional and physical blockages, which can lead to enhanced overall health and well-being on all levels, body, mind, and spirit!

Starting From £30

Sound BATH & Workshops

Relax today with the sound of ancient healing instruments, including: Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Harmony Bell, Ocean Drum and more.
Group session or One to One/ Couple – 90min

Workshops currently running – Find your Voice

To book group session – get in touch.

Starting From £16
A lovely peaceful space and Kat is an incredibly calm and warm host. I left feeling soothed.
Moon Sound Bath
mrs peony well-being

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Our location

Shepshed, Leicestershire

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am-2pm Thu: 4pm-8pm
Sat: 9am-12pm


Phone: 07793060495

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Guess what, Mrs Peony Well-being made all the way to the PODCAST world!!!!

The podcast is all about energy healing, sharing my experiences, tips to prepare for the events and much more!!!

To listen to it, click on the photo, this will take you to my main podcast page, or alternatively search Mrs Peony Wellbeing on your podcast app. I’m on Amazon, Apple and Podbean.

Lastly If you have listened to me and enjoyed the content, please get in touch, I would love to know!!!!

Are you new to the Sound Bath? Would you rather get the feel before commiting to booking your space? or perhaps you are way too far from me and looking to experience the Sound Bath at the comfort of your own home.

If so, this is the solution, you’ve been searching for.

Instant download, full hour of relaxing sounds of gong, monochord, chimes, singing bowls, my voice and much more.

It’s time to relax and let go, it’s time for you to heal. It’s time to soothe your nervous system.

This is the time to put your needs first.

To purchase the recording, click on the photo. This will take you to my Etsy store. After the purchase you will receive the link to upload the recording.

Best to listen with headphones on.