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Feel the safety and warmth of Reiki, stillness and peace of the Sound, gentelness and relax of the Massage and powerfull and complete with Shamanic Healing

My first time experiencing Reiki. Kat was so warm and welcoming, explained how it would go. The process was amazing so relaxing. I felt amazing pulses in my body and waves of energy, had great relief throughout my body. I would highly recomend this treatment to anyone.
Tracie M

Mrs Peony Well-being was established back in 2021.

Shortly after my awakening in 2020, I was introduced to Reiki, which has completely changed my life. I began healing, on a weekly basis and each session not only increased my overal energy but also taught me more about who I am. That’s when I connected to my gifts.

In 2021 I completed my Master level in Reiki, to couple of months later discover the power of Sound Healing.

In 2023 I’ve completed my Sound Healing courses, Sound Bath, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage and currently I’m half way studying Shamanic Healing which I’m going to finish in April, 2024.

My main goal is to help you unlock your full potential and gain deeper understanding of who you are.

Energy Healing was life changing for me and if I can connect to my inner power and strenght, so can you!

Yes – You hold the power, Yes – You can heal & Yes – You can change your life too!



Remove energy blockages, heal past traumas, restore your energy levels


Connect to you inner-self. Connect to your inner wisdom.


Learn the depths of your soul. Learn how to express yourself, learn how to listen. Learn who you are.

My story & short message from me to you

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Meet my team

amanda at mrs peony wellbeing


Amanda is a truly beautiful, genuine & gentle Soul. She has been helping me during the Sound Baths and Workshops. She's Reiki Master and has a true gift to create a truly beautiful guided meditations. During the group events she sends Reiki, holds the space with me and guides you all into deep relaxation.

Kat from mrs peony

Katarzyna Botterill

Owner of Mrs Peony. My full name is Katarzyna but everyone calls me Kat. I'm Reiki Master, Sound Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist and soon Shamanic Healing Practitioner.

sound bath


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This sound healing session was really relaxing. I enjoyed laying on my back during the whole treatment, allowing me to fully switch off. I experienced some moments of extreme tranquility and a deep feeling of safety... almost womb like. This left me feeling empowered as I realised I have the capacity to access my inner peace.
Daniela M
Sound Healing